Ferguson way

Ferguson way  was a timber framed construction with a bay on the front which was a challenge to construct which we erected I also managed the site the build took 6 months

Priory Rd Felixstowe

Priory rd was a timber framed construction which we erected I also managed the site the build took eleven months

Loft conversion

Foxhall rd was a large flat domer, 6 meters wide with a slate roof this build took 5 months and was quite challenging because of the age of the building.

Foxhall rd before the dormer was created with steel for the ridge installed.

Loft conversion pardoe place

Pardoe place was a flat dormer loft conversion with a small en-suite it took 3 months to complete

Galisters cottage

Galisters was a bespoke timber framed build which I managed it took fourteen months to complete.

Timber frame

Here we can see a small timber framed bay being constructed.

Here we can see the dormer built with slide and fold doors installed

Double wind stair installed

Here we can see the double wind stairs being installed don a loft conversion.

open-tread-stairs installed

Here we can see pen tread stirs installed.

ibeams being installed

Here we can see beams being craned in to make the third floor.

Here we can see boards being stuck to cover the existing walls.


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